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​A family legacy of High Jewels


Situated in the heart of the magnificent Ho Chi Minh City, Hera Jewelry & Diamonds has gained customers' affection for sophisticated and everlasting designs. After nearly three decades of innovation and creativity, Hera Jewelry & Diamonds has become one of the most prominent diamond jewelers in Vietnam specializing in fine and high jewelry crafted from GIA-certified diamonds, colored stones and pearls.

The Glory of Family Legacy

The luxury brand comes from the glory of family legacy. Dating back to 1995, Hera Jewelry & Diamonds was officially founded by CEO Hang Le, a talented businesswoman born and raised in a family renowned for their jewelry-making legacy in Hanoi capital. With passion and extensive knowledge in the field, Mrs. Le has gradually affirmed the brand's class and prestige through diverse collections of opulent jewelry designs.

"Hera Jewelry & Diamonds is more than a high-end brand as it embodies our family tradition. The brand is a testament to the transfer between generations, where every member shows their devotion to the family legacy and jewelry industry" - CEO Hang Le


Inspired by previous generations and the splendor of diamonds and gemstones, the CEO's daughter, Lynn Quach, has followed in her footsteps in developing the family legacy. After years of training in New York with a major in Gemology, Ms. Quach is currently one of the very few Gemologists in Vietnam to receive the prestigious degree from GIA - Gemological Institute of America.

The successor generation has created a significant breakthrough for Hera Jewelry & Diamonds, as the brand is now recognized as one of the first official Vietnamese members of the prestigious GIA Alumni Association.

The aesthetics of our jewelry are expressed through elegant and intricate designs. Stunning bridal collections, high jewelry, and one-of-a-kind personalized designs with endless selections are what customers have come to expect at the Boutique.

Nestled in the beautiful Thu Khoa Huan street, Hera Jewelry & Diamonds opens up an opulent space that captures the attention of business people, famous artists, and jewelry enthusiasts who seek to relish diamond glamor and top-notch experiences.

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