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Timeless jewelry with various hues allows us to enchant the top celebrities with ultimate glamour at red carpets, international beauty pageants and fashion runways. The epitome of luxury inspired by heritage and sophistication turns into precious memories. 

Dazzle with the Stars

Glitz & Glamour Moments

Movie Collaboration

Acting is an art, and so is our fine jewelry. With unique collection influenced from classic to modern beauty, our distinctive jewelry embodies special grace that complement the roles and honors elite lines of renowned movie stars.

Chị Chị Em Em 2

Mùng 1 Tết 2023


Director - Đạo Diễn:

Vũ Ngọc Đãng

Producer - Nhà Sản Xuất:

Will Vu

Cast - Diễn Viên:

​Minh Hằng, Ngọc Trinh

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